The President

Lyle Petersen

Lyle Petersen is a long time resident of Green River Wyoming and is a graduate of Green River High School. He has made Southwest Wyoming his home. He has built a number of local businesses in the area and is involved in real estate investing as well as being actively involved in his church. He has a passion to indulge his favorite pastime of four wheeling, camping and enjoying the outdoors. He loves to meet new people and socialize with like-minded enthusiasts. Outdoor cooking, enjoying family and friends and getting deep into the backcountry in a capable vehicle is what the perfect life is about according to Lyle. 

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The Club

We Are An Overland Jeep Club

Lyle purchased a jeep in 2016 and began wheeling the last several years and has realized the dangers involved in doing so alone, so in order to attract other like-minded people who enjoy the outdoors and jeeping, it was necessary to create a jeep club as there is really no other club in Southwest Wyoming.

First and for most, we place emphasis on safety as we want everyone to return home in the same shape as they left. The type of trails that we do range from mild over landing to some pretty technical rock crawling like the Shoshone lake trail as well as Christina lake trail near Lander Wyoming and expanding out to Moab Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona ranging in length from one day to ten day trips. We look forward to meeting new people and building a club that will be a lot of fun and introduce more people to the joy of off-road and out door exploration.

As membership grows we look forward to the opportunity to do fundraisers here in Southwest Wyoming, to raise money to clean up the trails and hillside including the removal of old cars that we find on the trail as we travel. Our jeep club will be a positive force in the community and we look forward to working with the BLM, Fish & Game and Forest Service as well as our local government and residents.

Rio Verde Jeep Club is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Wyoming and all monies raised are used in the operation of the clubs business dealings and charitable causes.