1. Please show everyone in the club respect. Also respect their Jeep no matter if it’s mild to wild. The common thing that brings us all together as a family is the word JEEP. 
  2. We as club officers will not tolerate disrespecting members based on the Jeep they drive. Also remember when you’re out in public with the club logo on your Jeep you are representing Rio Verde Jeep Club. Your actions sometimes speak louder than words and even louder with club logos on your Jeep. We do not want the club to look bad in the public's eye. We will ask you to leave the club with no refund based on disrespect to members or the public.
  3. Safety is our utmost goal, and all members will be required to have basic safety and recovery gear in their vehicles at all times, it will be outlined on the safety page. Using drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated while traveling the trails. No illegal drugs will be tolerated at all! All laws must be respected and followed in the jurisdiction we are traveling including gun laws. Alcohol may be consumed at campsites in the evening after the trail is done.
  4. Family and friends are a very important part of the club. We want your children and spouses involved in the activities we participate in as a club. We don't want anyone feeling left out based on the activities we participate in. Yes, some things might not be kid friendly but we will work on events for the kids also.  Please email or message us with suggestions so we can discuss as a staff.  Remember the children are this club’s future Jeepers.
  5. NO TRESPASSING! Please do not take it upon yourself to find out what “no trespassing” means. If anyone is found in a place that has signs posted you will be asked to leave the club. We do not want Rio Verde Jeep Club to have a bad name in the eyes of the law or landowners.
  6. Tread lightly and be respectful of your surroundings. Please do not leave trash on the ground. If you see trash, even if it’s not yours, please be kind and pick it up. It makes the group and you look better in the eyes of the landowners and your fellow Jeepers. The saying goes, “Take more out than you brought in.” 
  7. When wheeling or trail riding with a group please do not go off on your own.   Listen to the spotters and take safety seriously. We want you and your Jeep to arrive home just like you arrived to enjoy a day of trail riding or wheeling. We encourage all members to invest in a CB radio. This is as much a safety tool as it is for enjoyment. Some members have ham radios. We want all of our members to be safe and enjoy their Jeep. When out on a trail ride always check your rear view mirror. If you are the leader there should be someone behind you. If you are in the middle there should be someone behind you. If you are in the rear you should know that you are the last Jeep and communicate with the leader that all is clear and to proceed on. Also be honest about your Jeep. Trail bosses will break groups up based on the abilities of the Jeep and the driver. We want the experience in your Jeep with the club to be a learning one and also an enjoyable one. 
  8. This is a Jeep club only but some exceptions may be made.  Please ask the staff before assuming. An example is that some of our sponsors or vendors do not own a Jeep but help our Jeeps in some way. Be respectful if they are asked to join one of our functions or events.  
  9. Club membership is $35.00 for the first year. The following year in February we will start collecting the New-year membership of $25.00. All funds are used to help the club stay active. We use the funds to purchase giveaway items, club flags, business cards, keep website active or just help the club operate. 
    (Note:  If you want to see where the funds go please get with a staff member so that we can direct you accordingly. (Rio Verde Jeep Club is a nonprofit organization registered in Wyoming)
  10. If you cannot or are not willing to pay the membership fee to join we will remove you from the club. If financial hardships are a concern we can discuss that with the rest of the staff to find the best resolution to help you.)
  11. Most of all have fun! We are all here because we all have a love for Jeeps. If you have any questions or concerns please message Rio Verde Jeep Club so we can get your question or concern resolved as best as possible.


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